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Digital bin mastered tapes and tape prices

People are bit over the edge with all the digital hate, so to make it clear a digital bin produced tape sounds much better than old style analogue copy which puts your factory sealed pro done tape into a fifth generation of the original master tape. More on that topic in this nerdy video.

All Cloven Hoof releases are done using the digital bin and sound fucking great (and they're type I types, so it still can go uphill from there).

If you go through the video you can notice a funny thing - tapes costed the same vinyl did back in the day as seen in the catalogues shown. Manufacturing a tape costs way more than manufacturing a CD nowadays but a label kinda has to sell it at half the price.. For example a reasonable price for the upcoming tape release would be 8€ (we've used expensive screenprinting and slipcase) but I really cannot offer it for this price. Vinyl pressing prices are through the roof lately so the general 15€ per basic record is reasonable.

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