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New EP recorded in summer 2023. It's chapter II of the planned EP trilogy (along with Sowing with Salt). Unlike pre-war releases of the band, the current stuff is angry, warlike and gory. There are printed lyrics for the first time. Moscovia delenda est.

The tape is limited to 150 copies and all proceeds both from the band and the label will be forwarded to the brave defenders of Ukranian army.


After 16 years of deathlike slumber, HATE FOREST came back from their frozen steppes with a new album Hour Of the Centaur created and recorded in few days of April 2020. The band has managed to conjure the same unpenetrable dark wall of sound and bottomless maelstrom only HATE FOREST can spawn. This laconic and honest black metal crafted on Old Europe's eastern frontier, full of disgust to modern pseudo "black metal" and eastern invanders is to be completented by 3 EP trilogy. Justice is part II and comes after our previous release Sowing with Salt.


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