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out now: Whoredom Rife tapes

.:. Out now in conspiracy of Cloven Hoof & Terratur Possessions .:.

Whoredom Rife - s/t

Pro-manufactured tape w/shellprints, three panel J-card and layout by Kontamination design. Programme repeats on both sides, limited to 300 copies. Thou shall bow down before this graven image. True Norwegian black metal with catchy pieces of IDOLATRY. /Listen/

WHOREDOM RIFE was forged in silence during 2013 and 2014 in the outskirts of Nidaros, Norway. The band was founded by V. Einride and K.R in 2014, based on new ideas and ideas dating back as far as the early nineties. The idea behind the band is to breathe new life into the art form and lifestyle that we know as True Norwegian Black Metal.

Their debut gig took place at Prague Death Mass III where they also released their magnificent self titled EP and 8.8.2018 as WHOREDOM RIFE returned to Czech republic to perform at Brutal Assault festival, both the EP and debut album Dommedagskvad were issued on a tape for the first time in conspiracy of Cloven Hoof & Terratur Possessions. Buy or die!

Interview with the band conducted by Bardo Methodology - read here. In other news, the band is finishing their follow up to Dommedagskvad, which has been titled NID - Hymner Av Hat. To be released by Terratur Possessions some time this coming winter, tape version probably somewhat later.



Recent arrivals from NWN! Productions, Vánagandr and Hexencave, see more in the DISTRO SECTION.

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