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out now: Hekte Zaren & Cornigr

out on Cloven Hoof HEKTE ZAREN - SUBLIMINAL SILENCE, MC · ETHER 001 · SUBLIMINAL SILENCE is 4 new compositions never heard before and a selection of tracks from Near Life Experience, total of 50 minutes of siren's wailing announcing the coming reign of the rightful king that is Death. Each tape is accompanied by hand-numbered and stamped card, the release is limited to 99 copies. Subliminal Silence comes on professionally manufactured and printed tapes (black shell with blood red ink) and the full programme repeats on both sides. No digital preview for the new tracks, but expect the most mature and haunting atmosphere containing the ethereal dark energy of the tombs, woods and burial grounds where the loops were received.

The release also opens our dark ambient ETHER series, separated from black metal in our catalogue. · · · 6€ per tape, order via


.: out in conspiracy of Cloven Hoof & Terratur Possessions :. CORNIGR - FUNEREAL HARVEST, MC · call 012 / voice 053 ·

CORNIGR - RELICS OF INNER WAR, MC · call 013 / voice 090 ·

You should know by now that Hekte Zaren joins forces with VJS & P.E. Packain in the most interesting black metal band of recent years ADAESTUO. And P.E. Packain's solo project CORNIGR releases two magnificent tapes under the joined banner of Cloven Hoof and Terratur Possessions at the same time. Both records are now made available in the true underground format after being long sold out. Both CORNIGR tapes are limited to 200 copies, professionally manufactured and factory sealed. Funereal Harvest comes on gold-printed black shell and Relics of Inner War comes on blood-red printed black shell, the full programme repeats on both sides in both cases.

The same applies here, 6€ per tape and order via


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