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out now: VI - De praestigiis angelorum MC

Out now on Cloven Hoof a tape version of a recent masterpiece of French black metal VI - De praestigiis angelorum. Pro manufactured shell printed blue tape, metallic ink silkscreen printed 3 panel J-cards and silk screen printed handmade slipcase. Programme repeats on both sides, limited to 100 copies. Listen.

Like all our releases, the tapes are produced using digital bin mastering, which ensures the best possible quality (more on the topic in here). Also available are last copies of the Aosoth - IV / Appendixes tape compilations. From the distro items we'd especially recommend Heaving Earth - Denouncing the Holy Throne to pair with these two. We should also receive our copies of these Negativa tapes and the original VI - De praestigiis daemonum tapes (Fog of the Apocalypse records) very soon. Recent distro updates: VI ‎– De praestigiis daemonum, MC 5€ /bandcamp/ Pro-tape with adhesive labels, limited to 300 copies. The original press of VI debut recording. Dissonant and violent French black metal, personal project of INVRI of Aosoth. Four tracks of devoted black art, 25 minutes of illuminated chaos, recorded in few days at the BST studio (well known for its collaboration with entities like Antaeus, Hell Militia, etc.)

VI - De praestigiis daemonum, MC, 5€

Negativa – Untitled I, MC 7€ /sample/ MC in slipcase, pro manufactured shell printed tapes. Compilation of all split and ep material from 2012 - 2014. Runtime: 43:20 min. Eessential compilation of crushing and desolate black metal. Negativa is everything adverse, rotten and false known to man.

Negativa - Untitled I, MC in slipcase, 7€

Heaving Earth – Denouncing the Holy Throne, CD 9€ /bandcamp/ Jewelcase CD with 20 pages booklet. One of the best death metal albums of recent years, the roots are based in Morbid Angel / Hate Eternal / Immolation, but that applies mainly for the first album, for this one they took their own way with some the harmonies inspired by French black metal like Aosoth.. A totally overlooked jewel of underground death metal, no shitty "old school" rip off and no over-polished sweeping turd, but greatly balanced, heavy but yet very thoughtful piece of burning death metal depths.

Heaving Earth - Denouncing the Holy Throne, CD, 9€

Aosoth ‎– IV / Appendixes, MC in slipcase 6.66€ (last copies) Tape in slipcase, limited to 200 units. Tape compilation including all the appendixes to the 2013 masterpiece of poisonous black craft IV: An Arrow in Heart by the France's only AOSOTH. Out on Cloven Hoof on 06.06.2016. This compilation includes tracks from the 7'' split with Kommandant, the 10'' EP IV and the 12'' split with Order of Orias. Shell printed black cassette in golden casing, 4 panel J-card and handmade silkscreen printed slipcase. Programme repeats on both sides of the tape.

Aosoth - IV / Appendixes, MC in slipcase, 6.66€


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