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I have some BLOOD OF KINGU - exclusive design t-shirt & hoodie from the release of the Blood of Kingu box leftovers which I would like to auction now. it's a only a handful of them.

all the proceeds will be sent to the embassy of Ukraine in Prague, which opened a dedicated bank account for donations which will buy Czech armaments for the warfighters in Ukraine

- t-shirt 15€, XL only (from original run ltd. to 25 units)

- hoodie 40€, M&L (from original run ltd. to 25 units)

contact me via email. if you feel extra grand, you can forego fulfillment of your order and I can donate your hoodie to the front

also working a new t-shirt design with the same purpose. I have the general idea and source material, but lack the skills to make it look as desirable as it should be. if someone willing to donate their skills is interested to help, let me know. there will be no profit, all proceed will go towards the war effort.


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