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out now: Drudkh boxed set

!!! OUT NOW !!!

::: UPDATE 22.6.2019 ::: All the pre-orders have been shipped out. The price is set to 52€ per box; international airmail should be around 11€ for most places around the world.

This time we went for professional and very fine woodmaking with the best quality available (unlike the Darvaza box for example that was more DIY and very rough) and as always we are using the best manufacturing standard available for tapes.

All ordering should be done as always via email only - stay primitive! ///clovenhoofprague~AT~gmail~DOT~com/// ::: UPDATE 2.7.2019 ::: Paypal has fucked us over, so we only accept bank wire and cash hidden in a letter until further notice.

Drudkh flyer

Professionally manufactured and varnished wooden box, UV print on top, laser etching inside. Each box includes two postcards. Professionally duplicated and shell-printed tapes in matching colors. Includes the following albums:

Forgotten Legends Autumn Aurora Лебединий шлях (The Swan Road) Кров у наших криницях (Blood in Our Wells)

::: NEW DISTRO STOCK ::: ....official tapes... BLASPHEMY "Fallen Angel of Doom..." (black/white) DARK STORM "In Nomine Dark Storm" HADES "Alone Walkyng" HADES "...Again Shall Be" HATE FOREST "Scythia" HEINOUS "first demo" HERTOGENEALD "Esprit tellurique primitif" HOLOCAUSTO "Guerra Total" MANIAC BUTCHER "Barbarians" MANIAC BUTCHER "Lučan - Antikrist" MANIAC BUTCHER "Krvestřeb" MANIAC BUTCHER "Černá krev" MANIAC BUTCHER "Invaze" MANIAC BUTCHER "Epitaph" MANIAC BUTCHER "Masakr"

MAYHEM "Wolf's Lair Abyss" TRIUMPH, GENUS "Po vrhu vždy je prázdno kolébek" ....official tapes... ČERNÝ KOV "Společenství" black vinyl - old project of Cult of Fire / Maniac Butcher etc. members finally out after years spent in vault SANCTUAIRE ‎"Frisson d'Éternité" digipak CD - Third opus in the Sanctuaire's "Echos" ambient series is presenting new melancholic and mystical ethereal soundscapes. The tragic sounding piano, occasional guitars and textured sounds all entwined with majestic keyboards create a glorious atmosphere that shall bring you elsewhere.. Tour de Garde / Les productions Hérétiques. PURITY RENAISSANCE "Purity Renaissance" jewelcase CD - Utterly dark and cruel black metal hymns inspired by victorious times. Purity Renaissance’s debut promo cassette offers 6 hymns (plus intro and outro) of desolate, yet triumphant black metal infused with pure European glory. Bardo Methodology #5 zine

- Blasphemy, Dautha, Clandestine Blaze, Acrimonious, Lychgate, Morbosidad, Nuclear War Now!, Mystifier, ROME, Phurpa...). The best zine out there. As always, all official lincesed presses, details in our distro section, order on the email belovv.



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