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:out now: Misotheist, Syning & Ominous Resurrection tapes

after plague related delays, the below titles are finally out on March 15th, 2021



MISOTHEIST - For the Glory of Your Redeemer, MC

SYNING - s/t, MC

all 4 in conspiracy with Terratur Possessions, should you seek other formats, head over to their web lair

MISOTHEIST - For the Glory of Your Redeemer, MC

For The Glory Of Your Redeemer is a triumphant offering, one that blares forth unflinchingly, full of tormented cries to a god who failed. Limited to 200 copies on pro-printed grey graphite tapes. You could call this epitome of Terratur/Trondheim sound, if you will. You can also grab one of the last couple of Enevelde tapes there are in exitence, as these project are closely related.

SYNING - s/t, MC

Yet again the darkness comes crawling from Trondheim... SYNING represents the times of plague perfectly in their all-consuming bleakness and despair. Haunting and hopeless Black Metal performed by Cernunnus (Manii/Manes), Levninger (Knokkelklang) and V. Einride (Whoredom Rife). A recording, that takes you on a ride towards the apocalypse and whatever lies beyond. Limited to 100 units on pro-manufactured grey sandy cassette.


As Herr Aune puts it: »On this second album from this sadly underrated band... the Negative Plane vibe surely is present, for obvious reasons, however the band offers something even more ghastly, reminiscent of early Mortuary Drape and the classic early Rotting Christ-era, to mention some influences. I for one was not sure how they could top the debut, but it’s safe to say they have outdone themselves on this one.« Limited to 100 pro-manufactured copies on clear transparent cassette with black inlay.


The outstanding debut album of OMINOUS RESURRECTION is available again on the most fitting format through conspiracy of Cloven Hoof & Terratur Possessions. An underrated and overlooked album released back in 2014 by Funeral Industries. I have to admit I have been sleeping on this album for a long time, however when I have finally tasted it charm, it has been on steady rotation ever since. I could desribe the listening experience like dreamlike drunken roaming of some abandonded city, where you suddenly hear Negative Plane rehearsing some perverted old classics from an old sewer below. Love it or hate it or fuck off for all I care! Limited to 100 pro-manufactured copies on clear transparent cassette with black inlay. Listen.


:distro udpates:


Maniac Butcher Černá krev, LP 15€ (repress on vinyl after 20 years)

Paysage d'Hiver Im Traum, 10'' 17€

Precambrian Tectonics, LP 20€

Sator Marte Termonukleární evoluce, LP 15€

Spectral Voice / Blood Incantation split 7" (black vinyl) 11€


Hate Forest – Hour of the Centaur, digipak 12€ Paysage d'Hiver – Schnee, A5 CD Digibook 17€ Precambrian – Tectonics, CD 12€


Dominion of Suffering - The Birth of Hateful Existence 6€ Gehenna – First Spell 10€

Helheim – Jormundgand 10€

Helheim – Av norrøn ætt 10€

Limbonic Art – A Dark Star Rising (3-tape box standard version) 60€

Malokarpatan – Nordkarpatenland 9€

Krolok – Flying Above Ancient Ruins 9€

Krolok – When The Moon Sang Our Songs 9€ Kult Ofenzivy - Tak jsem Ji přizval k sobě 6€

Sarath – Siste indre​ 9€

Spectral Voice – Necrotic Demos​ 9€ Taje skal – Taje skal 8€

Urgehal – Arma Christi 10€

Urgehal – Massive Terrestrial Strike 10€​


Bardo Archivology Vol. 2, 7€ Including print exclusives and articles yet unpblished online. The second volume contains fifteen timeless conversations held over the scope of four years, presented in ambitious aesthetics with plenty of custom artwork.

Nåstrond, Vomitor, Nocturnus, Xibalba, Ryan Förster, Angelcorpse, The Ruins of Beverast, Ascension, Malokarpatan, Manhunter: The Story of the Swedish Occultist and Serial Killer Thurneman, Wardruna, Forgotten Woods, Lifvsleda, Seigneur Voland, Wolcensmen

Bardo Methodology #7, 10€ In-depth written conversations about music, mysticism, philosophy, history and more. Thirteen articles spread over sixty-eight pages, no advertisements, featuring original artwork.

Black Witchery, Gospel of the Horns, Macabre Omenex, Thorybos, Antediluvian, Atlantean Kodex, Mgła, Cold Meat Industry, Mortiis, MonumentuM, Warloghe, Ordo Templi Aeternae Lucis


:detailed look into some of the distro news:


KROLOK - Flying Above Ancient Ruins This is the second press with one bonus song and improved cover artwork on A4 format. Limited to 200 copies, 100 copies came with red tape shell with black print and the rest is on black shell with red print.

KROLOK - When The Moon Sang Our Songs

Previously released on very limited DIY cassette, now released again with one bonus song (Graveland cover) and improved cover artwork. Limited to 200 copies, 100 copies came with golden tape shell with black print and the rest is on black shell with golden pantone print.

MALOKARPATAN - Nordkarpatenland

2020 re-press with identical lay-out on thicker j-card paper and orange shell cassette.

DOMINION OF SUFFERING - The Birth of Hateful Existence

Old school Death/Black Metal, focused on paying the homage to the old masters.

KULT OFENZIVY - Tak jsem Ji přizval k sobě

Uncompromising and raw Black Metal with simple but effective songstructures and characteristic vocal performance. TAJE SKAL - Taje skal Very interesting and quite unique Black Metal with certain Folk-vibe but definitely without any hippie and happy modern melodies.

SARATH - Siste indre Legendary release finally on the most appropriate format for the first time ever. Very few copies left.

URGEHAL – Arma Christi URGEHAL’s debut album from 1997 finally for the first time ever official on limited music-cassette.

No words needed! The Night Armageddon Comes.. Limited edition of 333 copies. URGEHAL – Massive Terrestrial Strike URGEHAL’s second album from 1998 finally for the first time ever on limited music-cassette.

No words needed! Hail Trondr Nefas! Limited edition of 333 copies.

HELHEIM – Jormundgand The debut album from norwegian HELHEIM finally available again on limited music-cassette.

Released in 1995 and recorded in the Memorial Hall of Grieg, “Jormundgand” bring you back in a time of pure nordic barbarism and heathendom. Limited edition of 333 copies. HELHEIM – Av norrøn ætt The second album from norwegian HELHEIM finally available again on limited music-cassette.

SPECTRAL VOICE - Necrotic Demos Compilation of all official non-album material from 2015-2018. Contains the original "Necrotic Doom" demo and all SV tracks from the split 7"s with VASTUM, PHRENELITH, BLOOD INCANTATION and ANHEDONIST.

PRECAMBRIAN - Tectonics The full glory of Precambrian is at least revealed with the band's longawaited debut album, Tectonics. Immediately, the ominous surge of classic Hate Forest is felt, mesmerizing and hypnotic and utterly engrossing, all while being barbarically unleashed through savage, searing speed. It's a peculiar disconnect - throttling violence vs. trance-inducing levitation, one birthing the other (or perhaps the other way around) - but it coalesces with power and poignancy around the grandly guttural throat of Sayenko. But, to simply liken Precambrian to Hate Forest Mk II is to severely undercut the strident 'n' stringent artistry of Tectonics, where its undeniably martial aspect betrays a wealth of textural imagination; the finest of details and most subtle of nuance are explored and expanded upon with paradoxical uncompromising fervor. Thus, in that latter element, perhaps it is accurate to sire Precambrian as the rightful successor to Hate Forest's cherished legacy... Any way one wishes to absorb the vast, violent world of Tectonics, the sum result is the same: Precambrian perform austere-yet-grandiose black metal art exclusively! The sounds of glaciers griding the base rock and tectonic desks rupturing for millenia shortened to fit 12'' record. Get crushed or fuck off! Very low on copies. Photo taken from the internet.

GEHENNA – First Spell GEHENNA’s first and most glorious masterpiece from 1994 finally available again on limited music-cassette.

Paysage d'Hiver - Schnee, A5 CD Digibook Handmade A5 digibook CDs in black, sealed envelopes. Limited press according to Kunsthall. The compilation gives you the chance to get (in my opinion) the best Paysage d'Hiver tracks on one disc and they can be enjoyed in full for the the first time. These 4 tracks were created within a time span of almost 20 years but you wouldn't guess it, they fit together perfectly. All have been partially remixed and wholly remastered specially for this release.

Paysage d'Hiver - Im Traum, 10'' Im Traum serves as an addendum to Im Wald. Low on copies already.

SPECTRAL VOICE / BLOOD INCANTATION - split 7'' After five years comes the first vinyl repress of this obscure split EP, with the original artwork and layout and pressed from the original master stampers from 2015. Contains the tracks "Mephitic Effluvia" and "(Slowly) Claimed by Oblivion", the oldest written and recorded material from both bands. Includes insert.


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