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MAYHEM - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas (25th Anniversary Box Set) PRE-ORDER OPEN

The pre-order for the De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas vinyl box set is now open! The box set contains the original De mysteriis dom Sathanas album, remastered from the original DAT tapes, a 96 page hardbound book and four bonus vinyls! Our price is set to 120€, which should be the lowest out there and we can also offer competitive postage rates, especially for Germany. Order via email

"De mysteriis dom Sathanas" is often considered to be the most important Black Metal album of all time. The legendary Pytten can be quoted on saying "it was the next big thing after Grieg", and we couldn’t agree more. The album was released on Euronymous label Deathlike Silence Productions May 24th 1994, marked as Anti-Mosh 006. We are proud to honour this timeless album with the release of the 25th Anniversary Box Set with the help and support by long time MAYHEM friend Finn Håkon Rødland. The iconic album has been remastered for vinyl from the original DAT tapes by Solslottet Studio, with guidance from Pytten himself and approved by Hellhammer. The cover art and packaging will for the first time be presented as Hellhammer originally envisioned it back in 93/94, including also the lyric scroll booklet. Also included are four additional vinyls with stunning artwork consisting of two different rehearsal sessions in Oslo from February and May 1992, taken directly from tapes Euronymous made, the instrumental rough mix from Grieghallen June 1992, and the rough mix with vocals from the tape Attila got after the vocal recordings in April/May 1993. The box set will include a 96 page book with a series of in depth interviews casting light and darkness on the recording process and the glory days of MAYHEM making history in the early 90's, such as Pytten, Hellhammer, Attila, Necrobutcher, Nocturno Culto of DARKTHRONE, Bård "Faust" Eithun of EMPEROR, Shagrath of DIMMU BORGIR, Dr. Best of MYSTICUM, Steinar "Sverd" Johnsen of MORTEM/ARCTURUS, Erik Danielsson of WATAIN, Tore Bratseth of OLD FUNERAL, Ivar and Grutle of ENSLAVED, HBM Majesty of MARE/VEMOD/DARK SONORITY, Nergal of BEHEMOTH, Silenoz of DIMMU BORGIR and Jørgen Lid Widing (lyric scrolls). Liner notes by Finn Håkon Rødland, Metalion, Iver Sandøy of Solslottet studio, and Maniac. The book will include the original handwritten lyrics by Dead and Snorre, plus never before seen photos from the "De mysteriis dom Sathanas" photo session, presented here for the very first time. The book will also give detailed insight into the classic cover art of Nidarosdomen. The past is alive!!!


Also we got one very last copy left of the tape version of the box.

De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas – 25th anniversary 3-tape box

Includes “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas”, “Life Eternal” and “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Alive” on cassette. 3 posters, 3 postcards, patch, metal-pin, certificate and a massive booklet, limited to 1000 handnumbered copies. 55€


upcoming releases: UMBRA CONSCIENTIA - Yellowing of the Lunar Conciousness, limited golden MC

BLOOD OF KINGU - The Cycle Returneth, wooden MC box (late March/early April)

BLOOD OF KINGU zipper hoodie (late March/early April)

SOMNIATE - The Meyrinkian Slumber, limited MC

coming next to our distro: Portal tape box, Enslaved tape box, Celtic Frost tape box, Drottinn demos and more..


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