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:out now: Whoredom Rife / Taake, Somniate, Enevelde

Three new magnetic demons to by unleashed by Cloven Hoof by June 30, 2020. :: Cloven Hoof proudly presents::

Enter SOMNIATE, a Czech black metal revelation. Their debut offering The Meyrinkian Slumber will present 5 tracks drawing inspiration and concept from the novel Der Golem written by Gustav Meyrink between 1907 and 1914. The listener will be exposed to a sophisticated black metal flight above the esoteric plot of the writer´s masterpiece. A tale of searching for the ascension through identity shifts, alchemical concepts and suffering, all set in a distorted vision of Prague. This release is kind of back to the roots for this label, since Aosoth and VI fans should be deeply curious about this release.

  • Mixed and mastered at BST Studio (Aosoth, The Order of Apollyon, VI, TOTALITARIAN and many others).

  • The band's logo and coverart's iconography crafted by View From The Coffin.

  • The tape version is limited to 91 copies, with limitation printed on the shell. The layout was painstakingly crafted based on an old literary version of Der Golem. The number was chosen to reflect the year when Meyrink conteplated suicide but was saved in the last second when mysterious flyer was slipped under his door as he held a gun against his head. The novel is also taking place around the fateful year of 1891.

  • 8€ per copy

  • CD/LP version via Lavadome Productions

  • the album now stream in full on bandcamp & spotify

...and shadows will appear and start to crawl as the pleading voices will become omnipresent and strengthen the maddening urgency, on the verge of insanity, there, in the place of shining darkness, where one might become the shadow and the voice...


The other two releases are unleashed in conspiracy with Terratur Possessions

Enevelde - s/t, MC

While we await the anticipated sophomore album from Trondheims MISOTHEIST, their vocalist recorded an album on his own, writing, performing and producing all the music himself(with some very special guest appearances included). Four tracks spanning 40 minutes of cleverly arranged Black Metal ranging from mid-tempo fury and raging aggression, to more epic, grandiloquent parts, all blended in an impressive way. /listen/

It's a stunning debut album and yet another amazing project from Trondheim, Norway, released under Terratur Possessions & Cloven Hoof on TAPE, other formas on Terratur Possessions. Tape 7€.

Whoredom Rife / Taake - Pakt

Little do most people know that Hoest and V. Einride has worked together for nearly a decade, and still to this day are bonded by blood and chained through hearts. It was a natural thing to do this split, aptly named Pakt, a title they agreed upon whilst touring in South America. At the table a young gentleman named Jose Gabriel Alegría Sabogal found himself drawn towards the project, as he has done nearly all Whoredom Rife artworks to date.

Both bands feature two tracks each, Taake with an exclusive track plus Sisters of Mercy cover. Whoredom Rife continues to trample down the classic Norwegian Black Metal-path, delivering two exclusive tracks which will make you taste the Norwegian mountains and fjords through violent Black Metal of the highest order. Layout by Kontamination Design. Tape 7€.

WHOREDOM RIFE I. From Nameless Pagan Graves II. En Lenke Smidd i Blod

TAAKE I. Ubeseiret II. Heartland (The Sisters of Mercy cover)


order only via



BLOOD OF KINGU - The Cycle Returneth, MC boxed set /see more/ BLOOD OF KINGU - exclusive merch /see more/ UMBRA CONSCIENTIA - Yellowing of the Lunar Conciousness, limited golden MC (100 copies) /listen/ - primordial chaos taking form of blazing black metal, mandatory for Katharsis or Funeral Mist maniacs

CORNIGR - Funereal Harvest, MC /bandcamp/

CORNIGR - Relics of Inner War, MC  /release link/



Bardo Methodology #6, Bardo Archivology Vol. 1, Enslaved tape box, Beherit tapes, Excoriate tapes, Mayhem DMDS LP box, new Kult Ofenzivy, Malokarpatan, Bythos debut & more.. Teitanblood.... see everything here

Bythos - The Womb of Zero, MC 7€


I’ve got a chance to get this otherworldly material in distribution.

All three full-length albums on unique cassette release. Special layout by Teitanart.

Very limited stock.


“In awe of the Bestia awakened in sonic form on these musical releases, we thought of bringing them to life on only format suitable. The Magnetic Terror, Long black plastic tongues, Domains of Magnetic Magic and Cults of Chaos... MusiCassette”

Price: 8€ each.


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