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:out now: Whoredom Rife - Winds of Wrath

Six new hymns of traditional Norwegian Black Metal, heavily rooted in the 90ies glory days, or as V.Einride says; "we're not retro, we're just late".

Both K.R and V. Einride having more than 30 years longevity in the Norwegian Black Metal scene, the band is not exactly new to this. Epic and grandiose, melancholic and utterly aggressive; Winds of Wrath is truly a tumultous ride to Hell and back.

The album was written, recorded and performed by V.Einride, as always aided by vocalist K.R, whose vocal performance on this album is downright frightening. Rarely do one hear a vocalist spew forth hatred in such a convincing manner.

Mixing and mastering by Rune Stavnesli/Stavmix Studios

Cover art by José Alegria Sabogal with layout handled by Contamination Design

The perfect visuals to the audial terror Winds of Wrath presents; a perfect coalition of music and art, something the band has been known for throughout their relatively short existance. Play loud repeatedly as this is truly a grower, and perhaps not as immediate as their earlier releases!, and keep an eye out for their upcoming European tour with ARCHGOAT in November 2021!

Released in conspiracy with Terratur Possessions, who are handling other formars as usual.


MC Deströyer 666 – Unchain the Wolves 10€

Gehenna – First Spell 10€ (restock) Root – Zjevení 7€ (restock) Veles / Legion – Blood on my Knife 10€ MALAKHIM – Theion 8€

URGEHAL – Aeons in Sodom 8€

SATURNIAN TEMPEL – Kronos 8€ pre-order MC - available from early February KATATONIA – Melancholium 125€

6-tape box + book + flag + certificate + 2 patches + shaped backpatch + 5 posters + metal-pin

REVEREND BIZARRE – Heavier Than Life 170€

11-tape box + book + flag + certificate + 2 patches + backpatch + 4 posters + metal-pin

WARNING – The Strenght To Dream 10€

WARNING – Watching From A Distance 10€

WARNING – Watching From A Distance - Live At Roadburn 10€


Austere – To Lay Like Old Ashes (LP, Ltd, black) 19€ Austere – Withering Illusions And Desolation (LP, Ltd, black) 19€ Hate Forest – Battlefields (LP, Ltd, Bone) 17€

Hate Forest – Purity (LP, Ltd, Silver) 17€

Hate Forest – Sorrow (LP, Ltd, Mustard) 17€

Marblebog – Csendhajnal 16€

Vargrav ‎– Netherstorm ‎(LP, Pur + 7") 20€

Vargrav ‎– Reign In Supreme Darkness (blu & black versions in stock) 17€

Conan longsleeve / sweatshirt (22€ / 38€) - only units ordered before end of January will be printed


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