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OUT NOW: Manii, Enevelde, Altars Ablaze + massive distro update

out now in conspiracy of Cloven Hoof and Terratur Possessions

MANII - Innerst i Mørket

'Innerst i Mørket continues right where the rare bleakness of the sold out Sinnets Irrganger left off, but that said, this time the music is even darker, though with a bigger sound contributed by the eminent drummer V. Enride behind the kit … As always, MANII delivers severely discomforting and haunting music, something Cernunnus is an absolute master of as one might know from his other projects like MANES, SYNING, LETHE and more, again completed with some of the most impressive vocals I've heard in years by Sargatanas (old MANES) … MANII harnesses layers and levels, which musically invoke a level of malaise that isn't easy to portray. An unappeasable expression of the desperation of existence, and the ever reaching depth of scorn…' Make sure to pick up MANES demos from our distro as well!

Listen below and as always order via email!


ENEVELDE - En gildere død

With their second album ENEVELDE continues to deliver cleverly arranged Black Metal, ranging from mid-tempo blackness and raging aggression, to epic madness and beauty. Written, recorded and performed by B. Kråbøl (MISOTHEIST), featuring M. Hellem on bass and several other guest appearances. 8 paged J-card with lyrics, info and impressions; transparent printed cassette. A Grandiose Death manifested as Nidrosian Black Metal.

Also available from our distro: last copies of the 2021 EP Gravgang.

Listen below and as always order via email!


ALTARS ABLAZE - Life Desecration

Many releases promise an uncompromising degree of sonic destruction, but rarely follow through with ideas interesting and well-crafted enough to deliver on that promise. Life Desecration, the debut offering from Czechia’s ALTARS ABLAZE takes a nuclear sledgehammer to that trend. Prepare for a flurry of blackened death carnage that concentrates enough concussive force to rival the most vicious of their more primitive antecedents. But this quintet sets itself apart by refusing to sacrifice compelling artistry in the pursuit of sonic savagery.

ALTARS ABLAZE’s mode of attack hearkens back to the finest moments of the infernal blasting death metal of the late 90s (embodied by the likes of ANGELCORPSE, HATE ETERNAL and DIABOLIC), blended with the most aggressive specimens of Nordic black metal, such as 1349 and SETHERIAL. But these are merely convenient points of reference. ALTARS ABLAZE are consummately unique in their interpretation of their style, with nuanced riffing and a command of dynamics, far exceeding those of any superficially comparable act. A new more dynamic master especially for this release. Thanks Lavadome Productions for their help. Unleashed to commemorate band's performance at Prague Death Mass.

Listen below and as always order via email!



EYES WIDE SHUT - ritual sound track, LP 22€ (ltd. 300 copies, Fidelio recordings)

Side A contains Jocelyn Pook’s haunting themes from the original movie sound track including the infamous ritual orgy scene, while side B contains extended mix of the Masked Ball track and alternate mix of Migrations from side A. Vinyl comes with a handnumbered insert and liner notes.

DEICIDE – Screaming Ancient Incantations

4-tape box + book + patch + certificate + 4 posters, 85€

Official 4-tape box with the first 3 full length albums and the demo-compilation Amon: Feasting The Beast from Florida’s death metal legends DEICIDE. Housed in a heavy luxurious black case-wrapped box with transparent coating.

This box set is strictly limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies and includes massive hardcover book with many unseen pictures and tons of new liner notes and interviews.

MOONBLOOD – Lunar Chronicles Occult

12-tape box + jewel-case CD + book + flag + 2 patches + certificate + 2 posters, 180€

ULVER – Trolsk Sortmetall

5-tape box + book + flag + shaped backpatch + metal-pin + certificate + 5 posters + 4 postcards, 115€

:new tape titles 10€:

BRUTALITY – Screams Of Anguish

BRUTALITY – When The Sky Turns Black CRAFT – Fuck The Universe DARK FUNERAL – In The Sign…

DARK FUNERAL – The Secrets Of The Black Arts (double MC, 18€)

DARK FUNERAL – Vobiscum Satanas

ENEVELDE – Gravgang (8€)

IMMORTAL – The Northern Upir's Death MANES – Maanens natt

MANES – Ned i stillheten

MANES – Til kongens grav de døde vandrer

MANES – Under ein blodraud maane MARDUK – Memento Mori MORBID SAINT – Spectrum Of Death

MEFISTO – Megalomania / The Puzzle…

NOCTERNITY – Harps of the Ancient Temples

SKUGGEHEIM – Ekko Frå Fortid

:Anvil of Crom tapes restock:


HELLRAISER, MC collection 36€


DIABLO II, MC 9€ (Hands of Doom release)


In-depth written conversations about music, mysticism, philosophy, history and more. Twelve articles spread over 76 pages, no advertisements, featuring original artwork.

Interviews with: Bestial Warlust/Deströyer 666, Akhlys, Leviathan/Lurker of Chalice, Black Witchery: Vaz, Cultes des Ghoules, Thunderbolt, Blackdeath, Misþyrming, Nordvis/Armagedda, Mortuus, Dödfödd/Reverorum ib Malacht, Ofermod


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