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:out now: Issolei tapes!

all 3 in conspiracy with Terratur Possessions, should you seek other formats, head over to their web lair

ISSOLEI - Devouring Current I: Crystalline Fractures
ISSOLEI - Devouring Current II: Treacherous Ascent
ISSOLEI - Cilicium 

Unpredictable, challenging and intricate Black Metal from Trondheim, Norway. What separates this band from the ‘usual Terratur releases’, whatever that really means, is the intense technical variations of this band. At times so dissonant it gets you to a breaking point, only to be left marveled by another genius twist with their ingenious songwriting. I stand in ave! Although the resemblance to a certain French act springs to mind, ISSOLEI delivers something unique if you ask me. Play loud repeatedly to fully grasp it all, this band requires your full attention.

8 EUR each, under 10 copies left each.


Some news from our distro: 


Bram Stoker's Dracula (Wojciech Kilar) 8€

The Ninth Gate (Wojciech Kilar) 8€

Possession (Andrzej Korzyński) 8€

BATHORY tape collection 30€ Bathory - Bathory

Bathory - The Return...

Bathory - Satan My Master

Bathory - Under the Sign of the Black Mark

All audio sourced from the original first press LPs, no shitty remasters.

These are bootlegs, licensed versions do not exist.

Root – Zjevení 7€


Marblebog – Csendhajnal 16€ Vargrav ‎– Netherstorm ‎(LP, Pur + 7") 20€

Vargrav ‎– Reign In Supreme Darkness (blu & black versions in stock) 17€


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