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OUT NOW: Hate Forest, Misotheist, Enevelde & Altars Ablaze; Evil Dead box & Mare tapes in stock

out now on Cloven Hoof

ALTARS ABLAZE - Life Desecration, MC

Many releases promise an uncompromising degree of sonic destruction, but rarely follow through with ideas interesting and well-crafted enough to deliver on that promise. Life Desecration, the debut offering from Czechia’s ALTARS ABLAZE takes a nuclear sledgehammer to that trend. Prepare for a flurry of blackened death carnage that concentrates enough concussive force to rival the most vicious of their more primitive antecedents. But this quintet sets itself apart by refusing to sacrifice compelling artistry in the pursuit of sonic savagery.

ALTARS ABLAZE’s mode of attack hearkens back to the finest moments of the infernal blasting death metal of the late 90s (embodied by the likes of ANGELCORPSE, HATE ETERNAL and DIABOLIC), blended with the most aggressive specimens of Nordic black metal, such as 1349 and SETHERIAL. But these are merely convenient points of reference. ALTARS ABLAZE are consummately unique in their interpretation of their style, with nuanced riffing and a command of dynamics, far exceeding those of any superficially comparable act. A new more dynamic master especially for this release. Thanks Lavadome Productions for their help. Unleashed to commemorate band's performance at Prague Death Mass.


HATE FOREST - Celestial Wanderer / Sowing with Salt, MC

After 16 years of deathlike slumber, Hate Forest came back from their frozen steppes with a new album Hour Of the Centaur created and recorded in few days of April 2020. The band has managed to conjure the same unpenetrable dark wall of sound and bottomless maelstrom only HATE FOREST can spawn. This laconic and honest black metal crafted on Old Europe's eastern frontier, full of disgust to modern pseudo "black metal" and eastern invanders has now been completented by 2 new tracks of the Sowing with Salt EP, which we are now releasing together with the 2 tracks from the Celestial Wanderer bonus 7'' EP which originaly came out of the Hour of the Centaur recording session. The tape is limited to 111 hand-numbered copies and all proceeds both from the band and the label will be forwarded to the brave defenders of Ukranian army.


out now in conspiracy with Terratur Possessions

MISOTHEIST - Vessels by Which the Devil is Made Flesh, MC

BLACK METAL from Trondheim, Norway. Third album if this outstanding project. Tape limited to 150 copies, black tape with golden shellprint.


ENEVELDE - Pandemonium, MC

BLACK METAL from Trondheim, Norway. Third album if this outstanding project. Limited to 100 copies only, black tape with golden shellprint. Ask for bundles with En gildere død and the Gravgang EP.



MC DIOCLETIAN – Gesundrian (Darkness Descends version)

DIOCLETIAN – Gesundrian (War Arts version)

IMMORTAL – The Northern Upir's Death DEMO COMP

MARDUK – Memento Mori MALOKARPATAN – Vertumnus Caesar

MARE – Ebony Tower

MARE – Spheres Like Death / Throne of the Thirteenth Witch NOCTERNITY – Harps of the Ancient Temples

MEFISTO – Megalomania / The Puzzle… DEMO COMP

SKUGGEHEIM – Ekko Frå Fortid

THE HOUSE – Horror Tribute Collection (Cult of Fire side project)

VEMOD – The Deepening

TAPE BOX EVIL DEAD – NECRONOMICON soundtrack box set (SOLD OUT) MOONBLOOD – Lunar Chronicles Occult 12 tape box 180€ KATHARSIS – Hell Metal 8 tape box 140€

VINYL EYES WIDE SHUT – ritual sound track, LP 22€ (ltd. 300 copies)

VEMOD – The Deepening (black vinyl) 27€

VEMOD – The Deepening (clear ltd. vinyl) 30€ CD MASTER'S HAMMER ‎– Finished! (3x CD demo compilation digibook)​

VEMOD – The Deepening (HARDCOVER book 2CD)


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