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Cloven Hoof at House of the Holy II

Once again, like the last year, Cloven Hoof supplies official festival beer for the magic mountain gathering House of the Holy, part II. This year we made two beers for the organizers, a New England IPA and Golden Ale.

House of the Holy New England IPA NE-IPA has been recognized as a an official style just briefly but since it has already split in more categories. We've created a single hop, double dry hopped New School New England IPA for this occasion, using peachy Australian Galaxy hops being added mainly to whirlpool (and twice during dry hopping). As always, this went unfiltered and unpasteurized, which in this case with all the flaked oats, dextrine malts or white wheat produces a hazy appearance, while the flavour is big, tropical and fruity (peachy) without the omnipotent presence of hoppy bitterness typical for regular IPAs. House of the Holy Golden Ale Last year we made a classic clear style APA for House of the Holy and to follow up this year we've made one smaller batch of golden ale, which falls pretty much in the same category of light and bright springtime/summer ales, but this time just made with classic English ingredients. Indeed, we went for authentic British Marris Otter malt to give you the biscuit-like malt experience and our hop selection was again limited to single variety of hops, this time the timeless English standard East Kent Goldings. This is a traditional old world brew for traditional mountain location, don't go for this one if you're after the forward-citrusy-modern-hop ales you're used to (even from us), you will be disappointed. Much smaller quantity was made, be quick or be dead. Both beers were brewed exclusively for House of the Holy and exist only in a limited edition, and should only be available from the organizers. We couldn't make it to the mountain this year so we cannot give the exact sales point, but I'm sure you will figure. And btw big distro update with Negative Plane, Blasphemy, Marduk and Dreadful Relic tapes and Caveman Cult and Paysage d'Hiver LPs is in progress. Whoredome Rife tapes will be released at Brutal Assault festival which marks their return to Czech republic after their debut gig here, I hope to release other stuff prior to that still not sure if it is happening in time.. Watch out for more news!

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