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in stock: new Malokarpatan, Vatra I Sumpor zine, Morgoth and Demolition Hammer tapes

We've just stocked some great tapes and zines in this distro update! Head over to the DISTRO section for prices, order on the email below.


Malokarpatan - Nordkarpatenland, MC Highest quality chrome cassettes with folded 202 x 291 mm j-card. A trip to the darkest corners of Eastern European folklore. Simultaneously more direct and more refined than its no-less-powerful predecessor, Nordkarpatenland drinks even more deeply from the ancient well of Heavy Metal Wisdom, pushing forward a masterclass in timeless metal songcraft and epic storytelling alike whilst never losing the delirium-inducing iconoclasm the band made its foundation from day one. Vatra I Sumpor #1 ultimate edition deathzine Letter format on 124 pages.

Featuring extensive interviews with Proclamation, Black Majesty, Ysengrin, and Satan's Satyrs, alongside a fair amount of artifact reviews, occult articles, and morbid spells, all clad in bestial visages summoned and formed by Marko Marov (Sortilegia etc.). The real scene must take refuge in real zines.

Morgoth – Resurrection Absurd, MC Morgoth – The Eternal Fall, MC Retro re-edition on Darkness Shall Rise. First two MLPs showed the best Teutonic death metal very much akin to bands like Death or Pestilence.

Demolition Hammer - Epidemic Of Violence, MC Demolition Hammer - Tortured Existence, MC Official re-issues on Darkness Shall Rise. Some of the most violent thrash albums ever by the classic New York madmen.


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