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Impetuous Ritual live in Prague

Impetuous Ritual will bring their cavernous vortex-like death metal chaos to Prague this summer..

IMPETUOUS RITUAL Profound Lore Records Australia’s own sickening musical abomination of ambient death metal surrealism. Unhinged psychedelic caveman vortex-like death metal chaos transceding to abstract, cavernous, and otherworldly realms. Original band of Omenous Fugue and Ignis Fatuus of Portal fame. Absolutely crushing live performance.

ASCENDED DEAD Dark Descent Records / Invictus Productions Raw as fuck abhorrent California death metal with instinct to destroy everything in sight. Violent filth.

SNĚŤ Rotten reeking death metal putrefaction from Prague.

TICKETS: 400,- pre-sale /// 450,- doors (18€) ticket queries: tickets are also available at Hell's Bells pub - ask at the bar.


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