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Ninth Gate DLP, Bardo Methodology zine, Damage Inc. anthology now in stock

Wojciech Kilar - The Ninth Gate FLAME double vinyl Wojciech Kilar’s haunting soundtrack to Polanski’s disturbing film The Ninth Gate (1999) features at its core the vocals of Korean born soprano, Sumi Jo. Kilar established himself as a horror score composer with Bram Stoker’s Dracula and his work here on Polanski’s film achieves a creeping sense of menace worthy of Polanski’s dark tale of Satanic worship. If menacingly haunting horror music is your delight, then The Ninth Gate is not a score to miss.

9th Gate

Bardo Methodology Issue 1 & 2 now in stock! Bardo Methodology is leading contemporary publication with in-depth written conversations about music, mysticism, philosophy, history and more. Issue #1: Editorial and interviews with: Bölzer, Sadistik Exekution, Phurpa, Graham Hancock, Antaeus, Morbid, No Fashion Records, Alvaro Lillo, Ryan Förster, Teitanblood, Forndom, Mgła, The Ajna Offensive, Deströyer 666 Issue #2: Thirteen articles over sixty-four pages, featuring original artwork. Interviews with: Bobby BeauSoleil, Rebirth of Nefast, Reverend Kriss Hades (Sadistik Exekution), Manilla Road, Abigor, Atlantean Kodex, Master's Hammer, Nightbringer, RAM, Impaled Nazarene, Clandestine Blaze, Phurpa & Inquisition​

Damage Inc.: Ultra Damaged, triple issue ZINE ANTHOLOGY 1985/2017. 118 large format (A4) pages printed on high quality paper with 350gsm card cover. Signed by Maniac.

First created by SKITLIV founder and ex-MAYHEM vocalist MANIAC back in 1985, DAMAGE INC. zine has returned after 30 years absence! The ULTRA DAMAGED anthology combines the two original issues from 1986 and 1987 with the new 2017 comeback issue, and also includes a long and exclusive interview with the creator himself.


13th Moon / Ritual Death ‎– Mors Triumphans Black void split seven inch, conjured in conspiracy between Triangulum Ignis and Terratur Possessions. Long awaited record finally out, last few copies available! We intended to bring the colored version in for you from Bergen, but they sold out so quickly we couldn't.

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