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out now: MANII - Sinnets Irrganger tape version.

Out now in conspiracy of Cloven Hoof & Terratur Possessions: tape version of the new MANII album Sinnets Irrganger. Pro-manufactured white tapes w/ shell prints, limited to 100 copies, full album and bonus songs on both sides. Artwork by B.H.N.Q./Beyond Art.

12" MLP and CD versions of the release are out on Terratur Possessions, while the MC version is out in conspiracy of the two labels. The MC and CD versions include bonus tracks from the Skuggeheimen EP. Samples:

When Manes morphed into something more than what once was, something was stirring beneath. After some time the two originators of the project, Cernunnus and Sargatanas, wanted to recede and devolve back into the shadows of Trondheim. This retreat into darkness bred something dismal - Manii. Discomforting, haunting and ethereal Black Metal, Manii holds the spirit of the early 90s, yet with that extra unintelligible facet that made Manes into the band most of us know and worship. Manii harnesses layers and levels, which musically invoke a level of malaise that isn't easy to portray. An unappeasable expression of the desperation of existence, and the ever reaching depth of scorn.. At the same time we issue a tape a version of MANII debut. Kollaps is out on pro-manufactured grey tapes w/ shell prints, limited to 100 copies, with full album repeating on both sides. The release is also a conspiracy with Terratur Possessions.

Each tape is 6€ and customers ordering both MANII tapes can get our previous release VI - De praestigiis angelorum for 5€ on top. Order at the email below.


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