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Aosoth - IV / Appendixes compilation tape out now!


Tape compilation including all the appendixes to the 2013 masterpiece of poisonous black craft IV: An Arrow in Heart by the France's only AOSOTH will be out on Cloven Hoof Brewing & Releasing on 6st June 2016. This compilation includes tracks from the 7'' split with Kommandant, the 10'' EP IV and the 12'' split with Order of Orias. Shell printed black cassette in golden casing, 4 panel J-card and handmade silkscreen printed slipcase. Artwork and layout courtesy of Somnyum. The following tracklist repeats on both sides of the tape. 1. Appendix A 2. Appendix B 3. Unbroken Dialogue 4. Appendix C TAPE AVAILABLE IN BUNDLES WITH HOODIE, EXCLUSIVE DESIGN T-SHIRT AND AOSOTH STOUT To make this release even more remarkable, the tape is accompanied by several other items, namely a pre-order-only zipper hoodie, exlusive design t-shirt and a beer brewed specially for this occasion by Yours truly. The t-shirt design by Brianvdp is exlusive for this release and only a limited quantity is available. (SOLD OUT) The hoodies feature a facelifted version of an older design also by Brianvdp but beware, we'll only print the amount of hoodies that will be pre-ordered in time, not a single one on top of that. Order Yours before the end of May! We'll use high quality Fruit of the Loom hoodies, check out size charts for men and women. (one leftover hoodie available, size M).

The story of the beer dates back to the Nidrosian Black Mass V, where MkM tasted our Cult of Fire imperial black IPA and later on came with an idea of a blueberry stout. Our approach to the brewing process was to brew something strickingly unique, the same way AOSOTH approach black metal. Do not expect just another ever-refreshing variation on the classic dry irish thing, instead we've used unusual type of yeast, an experimental hop breed that doesn't even have a real name (but has slight blueberry twist), home roasted cocoa beans and fresh blueberries in the primal fermentation. Contrary to all expetations the results are amazing! Limited to handnumbered 40 bottles. EDIT: SOLD OUT


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