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out now: Caveman Cult - Barbaric Bloodlust, Prague Death Mass leftovers

European version of the second 'lost' demo by the infamous Florida cave-dwelling troglodytes CAVEMAN CULT. These tracks were later re-recorded for the debut album Savage War Is Destiny.

Barbaric Bloodlust demo is roughly 11 minutes of raw and bludgeoning bestial death, expect the worst.. Pro-manufactured white tapes with adhesive labels, 3 panel j-card, red casing, ugly pictures on cover. Limited to 100 copies. Listen.


1. The Bludgeoning

2. Iron Scourge

3. Supremacy of the Savage Hordes

4. Caverns of Atrocity

NOTE: A lot of copies are already gone since this was available at Prague Death Mass III, so don't sleep on this one. At this point I plan to distribute all the copies myself BUT a US version of this should follow later. ALSO AVAILABLE: We have a couple of last bottles of the Prague Death Mass cascadian dark ale available. These come with a 6€ prize tag and won't last long. For more information about these check out the previous post. In other news, our friend Dávid Glomba of Teitan Arts is now selling the last copies of customized Horrorrlogium art prints. Order now or cry later!


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