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:: out now in conspiracy of Cloven Hoof & Terratur Possessions ::

UMBRA CONSCIENTIA - Yellowing of the Lunar Conciousness, MC

UMBRA CONSCIENTIA is a new project debuting on Terratur Possessions. Six tracks of extremely intense, well crafted, direct and aggressive Black Metal not unlike the greats such as Katharsis and Funeral Mist, but yet maintaining it's own identity. I'm not a big fan of comparing bands and name dropping other acts, but seeing how this is a brand new band and release, I figured it couldn't hurt to name two obvious inspirations to catch people's attention out there.

- description by Terratur Possessions

  • Pro-manufactured golden tape limited to 100 copies.

  • Artwork by Misanthropic Art Illustrations, logo by Black Typography.


  • 7€ per tape, order via



Bardo Methodology #6 10€

Funeral Mist, Dead Can Dance, Deathspell Omega, Sunn O))), Mysticum, Adorior, Metalion, Dave Haley, Ofdrykkja, Michael Denner, Necros Christos, Teitanblood, Wim Hof

Bardo Archivology Vol. 1 7€

Irkallian Oracle, Aosoth, Nifelheim, Unpure, Morbid, Abigor, Numinous, Clandestine Blaze, Ride For Revenge, Akitsa, Malign, Nordvis, Armagedda, Ehlder, Deathspell Omega – a periodical anthology with selected features from my online archive. Same format, paper, and number of pages but slightly different in look and feel; like a blend of the original publication and 90s ‘zines, lots of custom artwork.

Enslaved – Army Of The North Star – 4-tape box 65€

Official 4-tape box with the first 4 masterpieces from Norwegian viking warriors ENSLAVED. Includes “Yggdrasill”, “Hordanes Land”, “Vikingligr Veldi” and “Frost”. Housed in a luxurious matte black heavy casewrapped box with silver hot foil stamped printing. This box is limited to 750 handnumbered copies only and includes the 4 tapes, a massive booklet, 2 different patches, 4 postcards, 3 posters, a metal-pin with the old logo and a handnumbered certificated which is signed by Ivar Bjørnson and Grutle Kjellson.

Drotttin demo /link/ 7€

Mayhem – Ordo Ad Chao 8€

Mayhem – Chimera 8€

Mayhem – Daemon 8€

The last couple of DROTTINN demos are available on both red and white tapes!

order via


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