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Darvaza - Tenebrae boxed set

- What's your pleasure, sir? - The box.


Out now in conspiracy of Terratur Possessions and Cloven Hoof Darvaza - Tenebrae · call 009 / voice 086 ·

The complete DARVAZA EP trilogy in a boxed set. Professionally printed and engraved handmade beech playboard box, containing the three EPs on three pro-printed and pro-manufactured tapes and a patch. All of them out on a tape for the first time. · The Downward Descent · The Silver Chalice · Darkness in Turmoil Price is set to 42€, standard European airmail shipping is around 10€. Info and ordering as always only at

Boxes are limited to 100 copies and won't last long. More pictures here.


.:OUT NOW & IN STOCK:. Knokkelklang - Jeg Begraver, MC

Knokkelklang debut album finally available on the format best corresponding to the bleak chilling melancholy of this Norwegian outlet. Terratur Possessions release. Listen.


:::OUT NEXT:::

Misotheist - s/t, MC (January 2019 in conspiracy w/ Terratur Possessions) Whoredom Rife - Nid - Hymner av hat, MC (January 2019 in conspiracy w/ Terratur Possessions) Drudkh - unnamed MC wooden boxed set of first 4 albums (winter 2019, Cloven Hoof release)

Windswept - 3 MC box (spring 2019, Cloven Hoof release)



Archgoat – The Luciferian Crown, MC + PATCH

Bardo Methodology #4, ZINE

Blasphemy – Gods of War, MC

Death Worship - Extermination Mass DEMO, MC Chätiment - Sang des Carpathes, CD HAR - Visitation, MC Knokkelklang - Jeg begraver, MC Malokarpatan / Demon's Gate split, 7'' ​Malokarpatan - Stridžie dni, MC Marduk - Dark Endless, MC ​Marduk - Frontschwein, MC ​Marduk - Plague Angel, MC Marduk - Rom 5:12, MC Marduk - Warschau, MC Pseudogod - Sepulchral Chants (Compilation), MC

The Sinister Flame IV, ZINE The Sinister Flame V, ZINE Vond - Selvmord, MC Vulcano - LIVE!, MC + PATCH Wrathprayer - The Sun Of Moloch, MC DETAILS & full distro list at: DISTRO ITEMS COMING SOON: Forbidden Temple - Demo IV, MC Drutentus - In Frigidis Silvis, MC 13th Moon - Shrouded in Grave Soil, MC Inferno - Omniabsence Filled by His Greatness, MC


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