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out now: Misotheist & Whoredom Rife tapes

Out now in conspiracy of Terratur Possessions and Cloven Hoof

Whoredom Rife - Nid - Hymner av Hat, MC · call 010 / voice 084 ·

The record is filled to the brim with sulphurous, epic Black Metal as come to be expected from WHOREDOM RIFE by this point, yet a more sinister approach than on previous works also released in conspiracy of Cloven Hoof & Terratur Possessions on tapes earlier. Listen to a sample track here. Limited amounts available.

Misotheist - s/t, MC · call 011 / voice 085 ·

BLACK METAL from Trondheim, Norway. With no shortage of bands striving for anonymity purely for imagery and the sake of being “mysteriious”, draped in cloth from top to toe, there are still those who prefer lurking in the shadows without documenting it on various social media platforms. With no past to reference and with no egos up front and center, MISOTHEIST has only the music to showcase... Sample here. Limited to 200 copies.

The tapes are 6€ each and as always, order from our email you see below.



Blasphemy – Fallen Angel of Doom (both white and black), MC

Drutentus - In Frigidis Silvis, MC

Evil - The Gate of Hell demo, MC

Forbidden Temple - IV demo, MC

Holocausto – Guerra Total demo, MC

Heinous - first demo, MC

Malokarpatan / Demon's Gate split, 7''

Head over to the DISTRO section for details.


:::OUT NEXT:::

Cornigr - Relics of Inner War, MC (March 2019 w/ Terratur Possessions)

Cornigr - Funereal Harvest, MC (March 2019 w/ Terratur Possessions)

Hekte Zaren - TBA, MC (March 2019, Cloven Hoof release)

Drudkh - unnamed MC wooden boxed set of first 4 albums (winter/spring 2019, Cloven Hoof release) Windswept - 3 MC box (spring 2019, Cloven Hoof release)


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